If you own a series of properties and want to generate money from them, you should consider hiring a letting agent. Many people have difficulty keeping track of the market interest rates and the average rental price for their properties. They don’t realise that they are unable to maximise their property investments. A letting agent can do wonders for your properties; some of the many services that letting agents offer include:

  • Finding and vetting tenants for your place
  • Collecting rents and negotiating tenure agreements
  • Keeping a check on your properties.

You can hire letting agents in East Sussex if you feel that you are unable to manage your properties yourself. You can sit down with the letting agent and let them know about the different properties that you own and the kind of services that you require. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a letting agent.

Property Management

The letting agents will evaluate the average rentals for each properties based on the size of the place and the neighbourhood in which they are located. For a small fee, the agents will make sure that you receive the rents on time.

Buying or Selling

If you plan on selling any of your properties in the future, you can also contact your letting agent and ask them to put the house on the market. They will get you a good deal on the market and help you with the legal documentation as well.