Garage door springs serve as counterweights for your garage door. They work in the same way that counterweights did on a drawbridge. They provide the power to raise and lower your garage door in a safe manner. Therefore, if your garage door is 50kg, you need garage door springs that are wound to support 50kg. They need to be fairly precise, but not exact. If they begin to get old, they could start to stretch, which will rob them of some of their power. Also, they could become a potential hazard. Here are some signs that you need new springs.

You Need New Springs

If your garage door is not opening and closing as efficiently as it used to, you need to find the best garage door supplier in Torbay.

  • When a garage door is closed, the spring is under incredible tension.
  • When the door is opened, the spring begins to recoil, which releases the tension on the spring and helps the motor pull the door open.
  • When the garage door is lowered, the tension slows down the descent of the garage door.
  • If your garage door is not opening as quickly as it used to, you might need new springs.
  • If it is closing much faster than it used to, you also might need new springs.

Creaking Springs

Sometimes, you will know that something is going wrong with your garage door springs when they start to creak. Since they are under a lot of tension, they will often make noise when the tension becomes too much. You should call a garage door specialist as soon as you start hearing the garage door springs making noise. They can grow to be a very dangerous hazard.