If you are a landlord, you most certainly want to make sure that you get the most out of your property. Surely, there is much you need to consider in order to make your property presentable and so that your prospective tenants want to sign a lease. But if you are careful and learn some of the specifics of the job, you can almost certainly easily make better profit than you have previously expected.

There are many ways to rightfully ask for a higher rent and find people who are willing to pay for it. What you have to keep in mind is that prospective tenants are nowadays more picky than ever, and doing a simple house clean alone is never enough to guarantee they rent the property. You need to be creative and pay attention to small details, as often time they make the biggest difference. Here is what you also need to consider:

  • Hire professional cleaners – nothing beats a good washing and scrubbing done by professionals before you show the property to prospective tenants. You may think that you can do the work yourself, but the truth is that is just impractical. You will have to spend hours doing backbreaking tasks, and even then it is not guaranteed that the job will be done right. A cleaning company can provide you with a team of well-trained experts, who can completely refresh the place in no time at all. That way you can show it with pride and be sure that people will like it.
  • Have tenants arrive for a visit on the same date – while some think this is in fact counter-productive, the method has proven quite effective time and time again. The idea is that people demand something a lot more when they see that others are after the same. By inviting more people for viewing, you are not only saving yourself a lot of time, but also encourage bidding wars, which may potentially boost your profits.
  • Secure good first impressions – since first impressions are very important, you must make sure that your property looks great on the outside. You want tenants to look at it and consider it great. For this reason you should touch up the exterior with some new paint, repairs and patio cleaning.
  • Restore you appliances – if there is one thing that can make a tenant pay top money for a property, it is the appliances that are in it. That is why, in case you cannot buy new appliances, you should at least try to refresh the old ones by thoroughly cleaning them. Giving them some shine back might just be the thing you need to convince a tenant that this is the place for them.
  • Consider replacing carpets and rugs – if you have any type of carpeting in your home, you might want to make a switch to laminate. It is a better long-term investment, as proper carpet cleaning requires some expense. Laminate can retain its new and shiny looks for longer periods of time and this is generally more preferred by tenants.

Make sure you follow these tips and you will immediately see a difference. Tenants will be willing to pay more and you will make a better profit from your property. Article from: http://walthamstowcarpetcleaners.co.uk/