Successful kitchen design is all about problem solving as well as customizing a space, including your kitchen cabinets, to suit your lifestyle. To do this well, you need to identify your needs, assess your available budget and the space within which you have to work, then choose the right option to match your space.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Atlanta are an intrinsic part of the overall appearance of your kitchen. To a large extent cabinets would serve as storage for various accessories.

Types of Storage

As storage forms a major part of any kitchen furniture, it needs to be divided into three different areas:

Food – Fresh, chilled, frozen, tinned and dried.

Equipment – Such as your kitchen utensils and other items that will be used frequently.

Pots and pans storage – These can easily be stored in drawers that make up part of your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

No doubt, doors are a practical way to conceal the contents of a cabinet and protecting them from moisture and grease that may accumulate with time. However, they are also a major decorative element and have significant impact on the overall appearance of the room.

Doors for your cabinets can be made from wood, or faced with steel or one of the many laminates and veneers made available these days.

Be careful, though. Too many solid-fronted doors and wall-mounted units will make a room seem dark and oppressive, especially a smaller kitchen.

By using glass panel insets in the center of the cabinet door, and mixing these with open shelving, you can easily create a lighter and brighter look. Guard against using glass doors for you cabinets when on lower level units as they may be subjected to bangs and kicks.

Another idea is to consider roll-top cabinet doors or sliding doors as these will not encroach on valuable floor space.

Kitchen Cabinet Options for Display and Storage Purposes

When considering kitchen cabinet options, your first decision will be related to construction. You can choose whether to have your cabinets custom designed by a carpenter, or explore a range of semi-stock or in-stock cabinet options from a design store.

There are advantage and disadvantages to both these options that require your careful consideration. Custom kitchen cabinets offer more freedom concerning various design option, but prove to be pricey.

In-stock cabinets are more economical, but you are somewhat limited regarding colors and designs. Semi-stock cabinets, on the other hand, offer a balance of color and design flexibility along with the freedom of being able to mix and match you styles where you’ll have a fully designed scheme that is ready made.

Considering Price When Customizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

One of the primary concerns when contemplating fitting custom kitchen cabinets is price. They are by far among the priciest items while semi stock as well as stock cabinets both cost a little less.

Ways to ensure you do not go over budget is to focus on essential design elements can eliminating extras like intricate word working, glazing, or specialty storage features.