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Indonesia is one of the most fascinating mixtures of cultures that I have witnessed in my travels. The reason for this is that there are so many indigenous traditions that make up the different islands of the country that have experienced an influence from Hindu cultures over the years. This incredible mixture of culture has allowed sensational temples to be constructed and a religion to be in place that practices the most beautiful traditions to witness. All of this culture combined with world-class beaches and you have Indonesia.

Even though Bali has received a great deal of press since the blockbuster Eat, Pray, Love, there is another island across from Bali that is less touristy, more tranquil, and more picturesque than Bali. What is great about this place is that it is also still affordable to invest in real estate. For those expatriates looking for a solid investment in order to acquire their vacation home, it is highly recommended to consider Lombok.

Villas for sale

Lombok vs. Bali

Having visited Bali, I have to say that I truly witnessed paradise; however, I paid a high price tag for it. Lombok on the other hand has the cultural temples, sensational beaches, excellent resorts, and world-class villas to offer as well. Additionally, Lombok is only a two-hour flight from major capitals in Southeast Asia making it the ultimate close getaway destination that can even be achieved in a weekend if you are working and living in the region. Thus, it is a wise idea to look for Villas for sale in Lombok.

By considering purchasing a villa in Lombok, you will pay very little for a property that will continue to accumulate value. Regardless of whether you would like to rent out your property as a business venture or live there part of the year, you will have a place that will continue to generate revenue for you.

The Indonesia Lifestyle

Indonesia boasts a superior climate for retirement. This is why so many Australians and wealthy individuals from Asia and the Middle East decide to retire there. The country is safe in these islands and offers ideal weather for those who have allergies.

The sensational weather aside, Indonesia offers cultural stimulation everyday through browsing the local markets. For those who are interested in holistic healing methods, the Indonesian methods are respected around the world. Within the markets, one can learn a great deal about what is offered for treatments. Tourists adore roaming these markets and witnessing how these treatments make them look and feel great.

Lastly, the food in Indonesia is absolutely pure and sensational for your body. You will enjoy a mixture of tropical fruits and meats that you can enjoy while watching the sunset on the gorgeous beaches. All in all, the quality of life in Lombok is absolutely wonderful. Upon acquiring real estate there, you will be able to recharge and enjoy life with a smile on your face.