Winter is not a nice season. We all know that feeling of going to the bathroom and being frozen out there, because we don’t have heating. Spending mornings and nights in a cold bathroom is something that makes us hate winter even more. But these cold bathroom blues can be fixed easily with a bathroom ceiling heater. But keeping your bathroom warm is not just about being comfortable, it also keeps mold and mildew out of it.

First thing you have to do is to choose the ceiling heater, and you want to get the right one for your bathroom. Ensure it has an adequate size and also make sure you have enough ventilation on it before making any decision. A ceiling heater needs extra ventilation so check it out before making a purchase. Some heaters come with fans included to improve ventilation, take a look at these if your bathroom is not ventilated enough.Ventilation is really important in your bathroom because moisture in the air can lead to mold growthand condensation. It can be easy achieved with an openable window with some light filtering Roman blinds.

Next step is to decide how much heat you need in your bathroom. This is basically proportional to its size. It depends largely on how hot you want your bathroom to be, but it should range from 10 to 15 watts per square foot of space. Speed may also be a factor so, if you want your bathroom to be heated really fast you should go for those with fans to spread warm air.

Timing is important too. In some places you may need to have your heater on at all times, but this is not usually the case. If you need to turn it on and off every time you need it, you may consider those with a timer so it will turn on and off automatically. This is perfect when you use the bathroom at the same hours of the day each day.

There are two main systems for a ceiling heater, the fan forced system which is the one we explained before, with a fan to circulate warm air throughout the room and the exhaust fan with infrared bulbs. This is a special case because infrared heats people and objects but not air so, you won’t need any fan.

You have to consider also the installation cost. Some ceiling heaters can be installed very easily and you can do it by yourself, saving a lot of money. But many of them must be installed by a qualified professional and then the installation difficulty is even more important. The more time the contractor needs to install your heater, the more you will be billed. Since your bathroom is not usually the room you spend the more time of the day in, we do not advice you spend a lot of money on it if you are in a budget and you have other projects to do at home. A simple bathroom with a simple ceiling heater is very comfortable and cheap, and a way better option than a fancy bathroom with no heating or a fancy bathroom which is using a lot of power.