The average roof keeps out the weather, including the rain, snow, sun, and wind. Indeed, roofs have been keeping us warm and dry for millennia! This is why it is important to ensure that the roof over your head is in good repair and is doing what it is supposed to do.

What Do Roofers Do?

Whether you need a brand new roof or you need some crucial repairs, an expert re-roofing company in Guildford can help you. So what do they do exactly? Consider the following services:

  • Re-roofing: If you are about to move into a home with an old and tired roof, it will likely need stripping and re-roofing entirely. A leaking roof can become a real money pit, as the rainwater can damage the ceiling, the wooden structures in the roof and walls, the insulation, and the electrical wiring. Whether it is a traditional pitched roof you want or a flat roof, a roofer is the person to call.
  • Repairs: Leaks, holes, and dislodged tiles can all lead to rainwater entering the roof space. This is the time to call a local roofing company to come out and have a look.
  • Restoration: There are many heritage listed historic buildings around the country, and they often require repairs. In many cases, it is necessary to call out a roofer to re-point and restore the roof.

Fixing Your Old Roof or Installing a New One

Whether you need a new roof entirely or you need a few leaks repaired, a local roofer can help.