If you are on the lookout for a new home, the summer months are the best time to do it. The warm weather makes the “For Sale” signs multiply all across the country.  With such a vast variety of choice, it’s easier to land on a great deal.  If you want to be successful in your relocation, you need to be aware of the many pitfalls when hunting for home. Here are some advices that will spare you the worries.

Be Mindful About Your Budget 

One of the biggest mistakes of many home buyers is having an unrealistic idea on what they can afford. Moving house into a large and luxurious estate may seem tempting, but is it worth the money? Going big is not always the best strategy. Spending a lot on property that simply doesn’t reflect your lifestyle or your finances is a bad investment move.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

 The higher price is not the only reason you should choose a smaller estate. Buying a home doesn’t mean that you will stay there forever. You may eventually need to re -sell it. Getting the best house in the neighbourhood shrinks the potential number of buyers. It may be surprising, but purchasing the worst house is a more sound decision than buying the best one.

Understand The Agent’s Logic

Agents get paid when a deal is closed. Thus, they are looking for a buyer who is serious. If you want to be the first to be called when a new property becomes available, ensure that the agent knows you are ready to buy. You should present yourself as an attractive buyer and recognize your advantages. For example, individuals living in rented estate are moving house easier than a person with a property to sell. Having cash in the bank is preferred over obtaining a mortgage.

Avoid New-Build Property

A new-build property comes with a lot of tempting discounts or incentives. Just ignore it. If someone is offering to cover your removal costs for example then it’s probably included in the overall price of the property. As a result, you will end up paying for it in next 20 years of your mortgage.

Don’t Let Yourself Being Manipulated

Estate agents have different tricks to sell you a home. It can be anything from rushing to see a property to getting you panicked into bidding. Don’t get your advices from the agent’s financial services company. It doesn’t hurt to get a quote, but always look for a second opinion. It’s better to hire your own mortgage adviser.

The Guide Price Is Not the Final Price

 Don’t think that the initial price of the property is more than a product of the owner’s desire to get more money.  You need to be confident and ready to bid. Don’t be afraid to make an offer. A house’s real price is the sum on which you and the seller agree. Most importantly, always double-check the information you are told. Visit the neighbourhood during different times of the day to ensure that it is actually safe.