If you cannot afford the price of a hardwood floor, you can still choose a floor that has a wood look. This type of floor is known as a laminate. Laminate floors are not only beautiful, they are also durable. This upgrade can be made even if you are on a tight budget.

Reasons for Choosing a Laminate Floor Product

Affordable laminate flooring suppliers in Birmingham support the use of laminates for the following reasons:

  • Laminates do not expand or contract. Therefore, they do not warp like wood. While they should not be placed in high-moisture areas, they still will not suffer irreparable damage, such as wood products, when they are placed in those areas. Wood is more susceptible to temperature extremes and the effects of condensation.
  • Laminates are low-maintenance. Therefore, this flooring product only needs be dry-mopped to maintain a pristine appearance.
  • You can choose from one of various species of woods – duplications that look just like real wood.

How to Make a Selection

When choosing a laminate floor, it is best to pick a dark shade for a larger area and a lighter shade for a smaller area. The lighter shade will open up the look of the living space. Darker shades make a larger space cosier and more inviting.

An Affordable Flooring Option

If you want to make the most of today’s technology, you owe it to yourself to view the various patterns and finishes of wood-look laminates. Laminates can also replicate the look of either slate or ceramic. However, they are featured with a much smaller price tag.